Construction Management

When a client desires a construction management arrangement, Build North will also provide preliminary planning stage and design stage services including:

  •  Development of a detailed Work Safe Program to ensure that the work site is organized
  •  Coordinated and safe at all times throughout construction stage
  •  Development of a Performance Schedule outlining all phases of construction including overall scope
  •  Specific tasks
  •  Scheduling and detailed budgets
  •  Use of Microsoft Project Software to assist in establishing an effective construction schedule
  •  Preparation and implementation a Cost Analysis Process (CAP) based on a preliminary assessment of costs to assist the management team in determining design options for larger projects
  •  Leading members of the design team to identify issues and suggest options for design and construction
  •  Reviewing and confirming a process to purchase materials and tender specialized management services and sub-trades according to industry standards and ensure the use of local suppliers and services where possible
  •  Arranging Energy Analysis by accredited consultants to support sustainable design and construction decisions on the way to providing the most energy-efficient building possible
  •  Bi-weekly updating and reporting on estimate of costs

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